This is our attempt at documenting the ups and downs of our journey from living and working in the UK, to moving to Murcia in south-east Spain. We bring you along as we discover what life is like here and give you our experiences as we have them.

Hopefully this information will be entertaining and useful to anyone else considering making the same journey or who is already living in Spain. We will be blogging about everyday things here, places to go, how to do things and any other stuff that we think will be useful.

I know there are plenty of other sites with a similar theme, but I think ours is more personal and explains the reality of how we actually did things. I think a lot of the sites out there are a bit confusing, contradictory or just simply out-of-date. Our experiences are from 2022 onwards. Please check back regularly to see how we are doing. If you see something wrong, please leave a comment and we will fix it!

Also, if you like the site, please consider following our socials at the top right of the page. It does not cost anything, but it does help the site to grow.

Finally, neither of us are web designers (no kidding!) so please go easy on us as we get used to creating content – it will probably get better!

Fran and Andy

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