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Halfway between Murcia and Madrid on the A30 in Spain is the university city of Albacete. In the province of Castilla-La Mancha this city of over 180000 people often gets overlooked by more famous destinations. Most travellers are on the way south to the sun-kissed Mediterranean resorts or north to the splendour of Madrid. Albacete in the middle, gets over-looked, but if travelling in this part of the world, it is definitely worth a stop-over.

Staying here

We stopped here for one night at the motorhome aire near the University of Castilla-La Mancha located here on the edge of town. This aire has free water available as well as disposal for all waste and rubbish. The aire was about half full, with plenty of spaces left, although at times it gets busy with cars parking here for events at the football stadium.

Getting around

The modern part of the city is laid out with wide avenues leading into the city centre. There are cycle lanes everywhere and it is very flat. This makes getting around very easy, either on foot or on two wheels. The city is very well designed to accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians. Other cities (especially in the UK) could really learn some lessons from Albacete.

From the motorhome aire near UCLM and the football stadium, it takes fifteen minutes to walk into the city centre.

Places to see

To start we went to the massive park in the city centre, Parque Abelardo Sánchez. It is a beautiful, tranquil place, with lots of trees providing shade, and fountains cooling the air.

Then, the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista: Its amazing façade and towering spires dominate the skyline. Well worth checking out, even if you are not into churchy things!

The Plaza Mayor is a lively gathering place, surrounded by bars, and beautiful buildings. During festivals, this area is the heart of the city. A great place to grab a coffee and people-watch!

If you have time, check out the Museo de Albacete, on the corner of the previously mentioned Parque Aberlardo Sánchez.

Bars and Eating

You can tell its a student town when you look on Google Maps and see four Telepizza’s, fours Burger King’s and three McDonalds within a three mile radius!

Apart from that, there are lots of wonderful bars and restaurants to cater for the wide tastes of the student population.


The city of Albacete has seen incredible population growth in its recent history. In 1900 there were only 20000 people living here, compared to 180000 now. Unlike many European cities which are hemmed in by their medieval origins, Albacete is a great example of a modern city that works well.

Would I make a special journey to Albacete? Probably not. However if I am passing through, I will definitely be stopping off for another night. You should too!

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