Getting a European Pet Passport

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We made an appointment with Jessica the vet at Fauno Clinic in San Javier, this vet was recommended to us and we had been a couple of times whilst Pippa was unwell (see here). On the morning of the appointment we went along, taking her Rabies vaccination card and her Health Certificate for travel.

The vet explained what was needed for the passport, she was happy to complete the document but could not stamp the rabies injection section as she had not administered it. This would need to be done by Vincent at Valley vets but would mean that it had to be done before Pippa could travel. Rather than one of us having to take the passport to the UK, to get this done we decided we would just get the vaccination redone by the vet whilst there.

Pippa was given a check up to ensure she was well and we discussed the vets care package. This package includes all yearly vaccinations including the Rabies and Leishmaniasis vaccinations, as well as free check-ups and consultation. Leishmaniasis is a serious disease caused by mosquito bites and can be fatal if not treated quickly. This vaccination will be done next week when we return to the vets. We also discussed regular worming and flea medication, this will continue with the Bravecto and Milbemax chewy tablets every three months that she is used to.

The rabies vaccination was done and the vet completed the paperwork to have Pippa’s microchip registered in Spain so that she can be tracked if she was to go missing. The vet then completed the paperwork for the passport this cost us 21€, the pet passport will remain valid throughout Pippa’s life on the condition that her yearly vaccinations are kept up to date.

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