Spain’s DGT eco-sticker

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Like many countries in Europe, Spain has introduced a vehicle emissions scheme. It has actually been going for some years now in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, but in the near future it will be required in the smaller cities like Murcia.

The system works the same way as the Crit’Air scheme in France where you display a coloured sticker on the windscreen of your vehicle. The colour corresponds to the emissions level of you vehicle.

In Spain, the categories are as follows:

  • Zero (blue) for zero emission vehicles such as 100% electric cars
  • Eco (blue and green) for hybrid vehicles
  • C (green) for Euro 4,5,6 petrol vehicles and Euro 6 diesel vehicles
  • B (yellow) for Euro 3 petrol vehicles and Euro 4,5 diesel vehicles

This is the official government website for purchasing a sticker. Do not use any other as they are probably scammers who will charge you extra. Just pop your license number in and it will tell you which sticker you need. The cost at the time of writing is 6.50€ delivered. Much cheaper than the 90€ that Madrid charges if caught without one!

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