Taking your pet abroad

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Taking our Jack Russell Terrier Pippa was quite possibly the easiest part of the move!

We had an amazing Vet – Vincent from Valley Vet Care, who knew the system inside out.

At the start of June two months prior to us departing, we went to see Vince for Pippa’s bi-annual check up where we discussed what she needed to be able to travel. She was given her Rabies injection and we discussed when we were leaving and our travel arrangements. Travel arrangements were not confirmed at this point, so Vince suggested I send him a quick email by the second week of July once they were arranged. Most vets will need at least 10 days notice to complete the paperwork for travel. At this appointment I made another appointment to take Pippa for a travel check-up when we were due to collect the document.

As easy as that Pippa was ready to go!

Once our travel details were arranged – I sent Vince an email with all the details and our travel date. The vet needs to know the country you enter Europe, as this is stated on the paperwork. We went on the Euro tunnel, we didn’t want Pippa to be left alone in the car whilst we were on a ferry and there was no availability for a pet cabin on the UK to Spain ferry service.

At the appointment the day before we were due to leave, Pippa was given a check up to make sure she was in good health and a Microchip scan to check all was in place and working. Vince then set about signing and dating the animal health certificate. He had completed all elements of the document prior to our appointment but the document only gives seven days to leave the UK once it is signed and dated.

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