Renew your Spanish Residency and TIE card

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This article is about applying for a new TIE card to continue your Spanish residency. If you are looking how to get your initial TIE, then please check out this article here. There are also plenty of other useful articles about residency here.

When can you renew your residency and TIE card?

You can renew your TIE card from 60 days before its expiry date, until 90 days after it has actually expired. Although I am not sure I would leave it this long, but the option is there. You do not get any extra time if you renew later, the time is just added to the original date on your initial card. Also if you apply 60 days before expiry you do not lose any time either.

When you apply for your initial TIE card it is for 12 months. When that time comes to an end, if you still meet the requirements of your Spanish residency you can apply for a new TIE card which is valid for another two years. At the end of that time, you can apply for another two years, taking you to five years resident in Spain. After that, you can apply for a long-term residency card.

Renew your temporary Spanish residency

There are two steps to renewing your TIE card. Firstly, you need to renew your residency (RENOVACIÓN DE AUTORIZACIÓN DE RESIDENCIA). Go to and choose your region of Spain to get an appointment with the Extranjeria (Foreigners Office).

At the appointment you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of income/savings so you and your family are self sufficient for TWO YEARS.
  • A copy of a valid Padrón certificate to prove your permanent address.
  • A valid health insurance certificate
  • Valid passport from your own country.
  • Your existing TIE card
  • Form EX01 filled in
  • Form 790-052 filled in (choose option 2.2), and receipt to show it has been paid for (current cost is 16.40€ in 2023). You can pay this at any Spanish bank ATM.

We had bank statements for our UK savings accounts as neither of us are in receiving a pension currently. Remember, anything not in Spanish needs to be translated by an official translator — not Google Translate!) You can use Google to find a translator, or we contacted and they sent us details of someone they recommended. The cost was reasonable 20€ per document.

To prove sufficient economic means, you need to have at least 57600€ plus another 14400€ for each dependant. This is calculated by using a cost of living factor called IPREM (which is currently 600€ x 24 months x 400% which gives 57600€). The economic means can come from savings, investments or total pension income for 24 months.

Hopefully you will be successful with your application. For reference, ours took about five weeks to complete. This can vary considerably depending on how busy the office is, time of year and the region of Spain you are applying. This is why you should really start the process in good time and not leave it to the end!

The end result if you are successful is a piece of paper called a CONCESIÓN DE RENOVACIÓN DE AUTORIZACIÓN DE RESIDENCIA. Once you have this then you have a month to make an appointment at the Policia Nacional for finger printing so that a new card can be issued.

Apply for your new TIE card

Go to and choose your region. Then pick your nearest office from the drop-down. Next choose from the Trámites Policia Nacional drop down “Policia-Toma de Huella” (Police – take fingerprints).

You will then be asked for your contact details, including a valid Spanish mobile number. They will text you an authorisation code to the number provided which you then key into the website to confirm it is valid.

At your appointment you need to provide the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • A valid passport photo
  • Your current TIE card
  • Form EX17 filled in
  • Form 790-012 filled in (choose option renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal) and the receipt to show it has been paid (current cost in 2023 is 19.30€)

The appointment is very quick. Assuming everything is ok with your documents, you will be fingerprinted and given a receipt for the TIE card (which they will keep). This receipt can be used in the meantime if you need to prove your residency status.

Collect the TIE card!

You will be asked to come back in about six weeks (although this seems to vary depending on the region of Spain). Use the usual website above to make an appointment to come back. Choose the option “Policia-Recogida de Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” (Police- collect foreigners identity card).

At the appointment, you will be fingerprinted again to confirm your prints match the ones taken at the last appointment, and then you will be issued with your shiny new TIE card!

Congratulations on making it this far! You are now good for another two years.

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