Our first visit to a Spanish vet

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Pippa feeling sorry for herself

Finding a good vet was really important to us. We needed someone who could speak English, so there would be no translation issues but also someone who genuinely cares about animals. I know you would expect a person to care about animals but I had found over the years some were more interested in the cost rather than the care. As I said in a previous post our vet Vince in the UK was amazing, so the Spanish vets had big shoes to fill.

There are several vets in the area where we live, so I went to social media for a little help. I had joined the Facebook page for our village and surrounding area several years ago, mainly to find out what events were happening when we were on holiday. I put a post on the page asking for recommendations for a caring, English spoken vet. The comments came flooding on to my post very quickly, some telling me where not to go and others sharing good experiences with local vets. I ended up in a private chat with a lovely lady called Judith, she recommended the vet she uses for her dog and cat.

Pippa was a little unwell, so I wanted to have her checked over, if only to put my mind at ease. I called Clinica veterinaria Fauno, the people Judith had recommended and they made us an appointment for the next day.

We attended our appointment, the person on reception spoke to us in English and took all our details, he was very friendly. When it was Pippa’s turn to see the vet, he came out to chat to us by asking what was wrong with her. He took Pippa from us into his room for about ten minutes before calling us in. When in the room he showed us the ultrasound scan he had done and explained the problem.

Pippa needed some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine, both these were given by injection, as was a dose of protector to help soothe her tummy. The vet went on to say she would need antibiotic tablets for the next ten days to shift the infection and some special food that would be gentle and easily digested. The vet was really caring and gentle towards Pippa, his passion for caring for animals was evident. He explained everything fully and gave me clear instructions of what we needed to do going forward. We have made an appointment for a weeks time for a check up and to discuss getting her a pet passport.

So a consultation, ultrasound scan, 3 injections, 2 lots of medication to take at home for ten days and a bag of prescription food. As I walked to reception to settle the bill, my thoughts were what the heck is this going to cost? I can honestly say at just under 80€, this was excellent value and definitely cheaper than it would have been in the UK.

Pippa is on the mend and we are due back for her check up in a few days. We will be looking into the process of the pet passport, so that will be my next update.

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