Crossing the Channel: Trying the new P&O Pet Lounge

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If you are driving to the UK or Europe this summer, chances are you will be looking at the Channel Tunnel or one of the many ferries that cross the English channel. If you have a dog, the choice is usually travel in the tunnel together with your dog, or get a ferry but have to leave your pet in the car or a kennel.

Well now P&O ferries have a new service (actually it was launched in 2022 but is still relatively unknown). In this article I want to talk about the P&O Pet Lounge, although it is only for dogs (sorry cats and ferrets!)

What is the Pet Lounge?

The Pet Lounge is a room just up from the car deck with an adjoining outside exercise area.

Inside are comfortable booths with seats and tables. Everything is easy-wipe incase of accidents. There are plenty of power sockets and USB charging points, so bring in your devices that need charging!

In the corner is a small kitchen area with hot drinks, a sink, bowls for your dog and a fridge full of bottled water and canned drinks. All this is included in the ticket price.

In the other corner is a vending machine full of snacks and chocolate bars.

What does it cost?

It costs £12 for your dog. This is the normal fee for crossing with a dog. You will need to present your pet passport and scan the microchip on arrival at the ferry terminal. Unlike the tunnel, you can do all this without getting out of your vehicle.

Every human who will be using the pet lounge must pay £6. The check-in will give you a ticket to show on the ferry to gain access to the lounge.

What is it like?

On the day we sailed, mid-morning, mid-week in June 2023 there was only one other customer using the pet lounge. I can imagine on a busy crossing in the school holidays the lounge would be very lively with dogs and humans.

There is also an exercise area outside if you or your dog needs to get some fresh air.


We had a great experience on the P&O Pet Lounge. Our dog was also very happy and calm and spent most of the 90 minute crossing sleeping. As a break from a long driving journey across the UK and France, the break on the ferry was very welcome.

Well done P&O, I hope this venture is succesfull and the Pet Lounge appears on more ferries and routes in the future. It gives a great alternative to taking the tunnel, and was cheaper as well!

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