How to pay a Tasa at an ATM

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A Tasa is a standard payment form that you generate when performing many administrative processes in Spain. You can pay a Tasa at any Spanish bank branch, but these can be busy and have short opening times. A much more convenient approach is to use a bank ATM at any time of day or night.

Whatever Tasa you have printed out it always looks similar to the one above. There is a modelo (form number), the codigo (code) and below a unique code and barcode.

Some common Tasas are 790-052 for processing your temporary residence, and 790-012 for finger-printing for your TIE card. There are many others, and all can be paid for at a cash machine.

Where we live, we have Caixa Bank and Cajamar. Caixa Bank worked best for us, and seemed easier to follow, but any bank ATM should work fine. If it does not, just try another bank.

Insert your card into the ATM as normal. I believe it needs to be a Spanish bank card, but you do not need to use the ATM from your own bank. Any mainstream Spanish bank and bank card should be ok.

If you get the option (look for Idioma) change the language to English to make life easier. You next pick the option for “Payments and Taxes“. At this point we got asked for our PIN number.

Pick the option for “Document with Barcode“, and scan the code at the top of the Tasa. The barcode reader is often at the top and middle of the ATM. You should see a light shining down if you hold your Tasa up to it. If you have no luck with the barcode then you can key in the number directly below the barcode instead.

Next, fill in the amount to pay, your NIE number and then hit continue.

You will be shown a final screen to confirm all the details and confirm that payment is going to be taken from the card in the machine.

If you are happy with the details, press Confirm payment. If there are no problems, a receipt should be printed out. This is the bit the government will be looking for. Keep it safe, better still attach it to your Tasa.

That is it! Well done, you have successfully paid a Tasa using a cash machine instead of queueing up inside the bank.

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